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Science Gets it:
Research Shows People Love Their Pets

Have you ever been called a ‘crazy cat lady’ or one of those kookie ‘puppy parents’? Well you’re not alone, two thirds of people in the United States share their home with a companion animal and almost all of them consider their pets as part of their family. As this Wired article details, people love animals and at times, it seems people love animals, well, more than they love other people.

As social scientists continue to research the issue, one thing has become clear, people love their companion animals and will do almost anything to make sure they are happy and healthy. This love and societal shift is clear when you look at the booming pet care industry, where people are now spending more than $1billion a year on their pets.

Folks will spend their hard earned money on the best food, clothes, toys and care for their companion animals, so doesn’t it make sense that this desire for the best extend to a pet’s future? Many people might have that to-do list of things that will get done ‘some day’ and on most of those to-do list lies ‘create a will.’ Well obviously this type of planning is certainly important for a variety of reasons, but one major reason is to take care of your loved ones when you pass away. These loved ones can include family, friends and our beloved companion animals. Luckily for NYS residents, there is a way to ensure a happy and healthy future for their pets, even when they become deceased. NY, like many other states in the US, allow people to create a Pet Trust that establishes a sum of money that goes directly to the care and comfort of a person’s pets. Additionally, the pet trust can outline the care directions and certain safeguards to ensure that a person’s pets will continue to receive the lifestyle they had while living with their deceased guardian.

You can find out more about pet trusts, and why they are so important in ensuring that your beloved pet will always be taken care of, here.
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