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  • Estate Planning Documents

    Will for a Married Person


    Will for an Unmarried Person

    A will enables the person making a will to make sure that their loved ones are provided for and all of their property and possessions will be distributed in accordance with their wishes.

    Living Will


    Health Care Power of Attorney

    The Living Will allows you to state your wishes about medical treatment in the event that you develop an irreversible condition that prevents you from making your own medical decisions.


    The Health Care Proxy allows you to name someone to make decisions about your medical care, including decisions about life support, if you can no longer speak for yourself.

    Power of Attorney (Statutory Form)

    The Power of Attorney documents that you have given someone (or an institution) the authority to spend your money and sell or dispose of your property during your lifetime without telling you.

    • There is also an optional Gifts Rider which allows you to authorize your agent to make gifts in excess of an annual total of $500 (which is the limit specified in the Power of Attorney).
    • It is important to note that the Power of Attorney and Gifts Rider, if applicable, can be revoked at any time.


    A HIPAA Authorization form enables certain trusted family and/or friends to have access to your medical records and health information when you are injured.


    These records are typically used to help prove whether you are capable to make health care and financial decisions on your own, and therefore could activate a Health Care Power of Attorney or a Durable Power of Attorney which you signed when healthy.

  • Pet Trusts

    A Pet Trust

    A pet trust is a legal document accepted in the state of New York that provides for the care and maintenance of pets in the event of their guardian's passing.


    Many companion animal guardians find pet trusts to be a better alternative than provisions in a Will, when planning for the long-term care of their pets.

    Why should I plan?

    When creating a will many folks forget to include their companion animals. As many people hope that friends or family will step forward to adopt their animal when the time comes. Unfortunately this isn't always the case and our beloved pets can get lost in the shuffle.

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    Will for a Married Person


    Will for an Unmarried Person


    Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney


    Power of Attorney


    HIPPA Authorization Form


    Pet Trust


  • Estate Planning Package

    This package includes:

    • a Last Will & Testament
    • a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney
    • a Power of Attorney (Statutory Form)
    • a HIPPA Authorization Form

    Benefits of the package:

    • Have the benefit of peace of mind knowing you have completed a last will to protect your loved ones when you pass.
    • Rest assured that medical decisions faced by your loved ones on your behalf will be made simpler if you were ever to become unable to make those decisions for yourself.
    • Guide your loved ones in enacting the type of care and quality of life you desire if you were ever to become incapacitated.
    • Empower the loved ones you trust with access to your medical records in situations that may call for such power.
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    In the past there were so many barriers between the average person and adequate legal representation. Time, money, and a fear of the unknown kept countless individuals from receiving the proper legal services they deserved.


    Now with technology, we are able to bridge those gaps and offer affordable legal services to all New York State residents looking to plan for the future of their loved ones (family, friends and pets).

    Christopher Parrucci, Esq.

    The Pet & People Lawyer

    Christopher Parrucci, Esq. is a New York State licensed attorney dedicated to providing quality legal services for NY residents seeking to plan for their futures. Christopher has a Bachelors of Science degree from New York University and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (law degree) from Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.


    He is a member in good standing with the American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association. While attending law school Christopher helped re-establish the school's Student Animal Legal Defense Fund group as well as serving as it's secretary. He also interned for the Equal Justice Alliance and Best Friends Animal Society in addition to working full-time while attending law school.

    Why Animals?

    Animals hold a special place in our hearts. They not only share our homes they are an important part of our families. The companionship and love an animal can give us can brighten our hearts and fill them with joy. We want the best for them, the best food, the best toys and the best care we can provide. If something were ever to happen to us, we'd want that same level of compassion, love and care given to them until the end of their days. That is why it is so important to ensure their future, just like the rest of your family members, when planning your estate.

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